Off Camera Flash/Speedlight - 5 hour Workshop - Westchester

Skill Level(s): Level III and IV Students 
Location: Kingsland Point Park, 299 Palmer Ave, Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591 map
Instructor: Scott Dengrove
Date and Time: Saturday, April 25th, 2:00PM - 7:00 PM


Picking up right where our Intro to Flash workshop left off...learning to use your speedlight, off camera, allows you to add dynamic lighting to your photographs exactly where you want it from a flash that fits in your pocket!

Using off camera flash pushes your photographic lighting to the next level, opening up a world of creative, complex lighting setups that can be used in any environment, all while mimicking natural light.  


The workshop will begin with a quick refresher and then we'll dive right into the material. For approximately the first 2 hours off camera flash techniques will be taught with a mix of lecture and demonstration. 

Topics include working with off camera flash, lighting angles and directions, triggering, flash modifiers, gels, multi-point lighting, and expertly mixing artificial and ambient light. 

Next, you will be split up into small groups and given plenty of time to practice your new skills creating beautiful off camera flash portraits with professional models. Working with pros means there's no need to worry about directing and posing your subject so you can concentrate on getting your flash exposure just right. This opportunity alone is worth the price of admission.

This is NOT a "shoot out" style event, each photographer will have time to work individually with a model and walk away with beautiful portraits. There will also be a professional hair and makeup artist on set to make sure the models look picture perfect. 

And the best part...we provide all the equipment! Each group will be given speedlights, triggers, light poles and modifiers to work with during the workshop. This means no need to spend money on special flash triggers and lighting poles before knowing how to use them properly.


This workshop is open to Level III and IV photographers who are ready to take their flash lighting to the next level by getting their speedlights off camera, but might not know where to start. Participants should have either taken our Intro to Flash workshop or have equivalent knowledge. Participants should also be comfortable working with flash lighting/speedlights on camera and understand flash exposure. 

Not sure if you're ready for our Off Camera Flash Workshop? Click here to access our self-assessment quiz.


Students must be comfortable shooting in full manual mode,  have experience working with speedlights on camera, and understand both natural and flash exposure. A digital single lens reflex camera or mirrorless camera with manual settings, interchangeable lenses, and a hotshoe is required. Participants should have either taken our Intro to Flash workshop or have equivalent knowledge.

Please bring your fully charged camera, and instruction manual with you.

Not sure if you're ready for our Off Camera Flash Workshop? Click here to access our self-assessment quiz.


The registration fee for this workshop includes all expenses for hiring professional models, having a professional hair and makeup artist on set, speedlights, light stands and poles, flash triggers, and modifiers for use during the workshop, and a usage license permitting you to use any photos taken during the workshop for self-promotion. You get all this for only $179!


This workshop takes place exclusively at Kingsland Point Park in Tarrytown. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from and you will meet your instructor there. Kingsland Point Park is easily accessible by car, and train. The Philipse Manor Metro North station is located directly across from the park. A $10 parking fee is charged at the entrance to the park.


Please bring your fully charged camera and instruction manual. 

We recommend bringing both a portrait (telephoto) lens and a medium lens as well to have close-up portrait and full length portrait options when photographing the models.

You will not need to bring your own speedlights as you will be using the ones provided by us for the duration of the workshop. This allows us to ensure maximum compatibility with the flash triggers and minimize any issues when using the speedlights off camera. 

Each flash manufacturer uses different proprietary systems to trigger and control their flashes and each participant having a unique and disparate system would quickly derail the workshop. 

Further recommendations of what to bring will be provided in a detailed email prior to the workshop.


As this workshop is 5 hours in length and is being given in a public park, you should be prepared to do quite a bit of walking and standing. The park is 18 acres in size and though we won't be using the entire space there will be opportunity to explore, comfortable shoes are a must! Although we will be sticking to designated paths and grassy areas, as expected in any nature setting, you may encounter rough terrain, insects, dangerous plants such as poison ivy, animals, and might even get a little dirty, so please plan accordingly. 


Below are the amazing professionals you'll be working with during this workshop. Each one an expert in their craft and all here to make sure you thoroughly explore off camera flash and walk away with amazing images.

Morgan Bingham

Celestina Masiello

Cayli Campbell


Kingsland Point Park, located in the beautiful town of Sleepy Hollow is home to the amazing Tarrytown Lighthouse, constructed in 1883. Kingsland Point Park offers gorgeous views of the Hudson River, Tappan Zee Bridge, Hook Mountain State Park, and features the only dental themed playground in the United States!


Registration cancellations and refund requests must be submitted in writing no less than 10 days prior to the start of the workshop. Refunds will not be given for no shows or latecomers. 

Questions? Feel free to contact us before you register.

Saturday, April 25th, 2:00PM - 7:00 PM

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